Voiceovers – we’ll find the right voice

Radio commercials, phone messages, CD-ROMs, radio plays, or film synchronisation – we’ll put a voice to your message in any language. Need a specific timbre for your claim? Maybe sexy and seductive? Or objective and businesslike? We have it covered.

Voice carries emotion, and no matter what you have to say, our speech experts at ConText® will find the right voice for you. We won’t play you a plethora of casting tapes with dozens of speakers to choose from, but make a careful selection of ideal characters – and possibly also dialects and languages.

We have professional speakers with years of studio experience. You benefit from fast results while saving studio costs.

Voice recordings via ISDN are also an effective way of cutting costs without compromising on quality – we might have speakers in Hamburg, London, or Rome, and we record their voices in real time via ISDN – fast, flexible, and without travel costs.

Apart from professional recording, we also provide audio processing, mixing and sound effects, or music for the backdrop. We send the final version for transmission or publication in all of the required audio or video formats – MP4, RealAudio, Windows Media, MPG, AVI, and so on.