Literary translations for authors and publishers

Great authors such as Shakespeare, Goethe, or Dostoevsky may have left their mark on world literature, but it was the translators who brought them out to the world – without them, these works would never have broken out of the confines of their own respective language region.

Literary translation is an art that’s hard to learn, but excellent skills in the translator’s own native language are essential. Unfortunately, this is not self-evident – a degree in English Studies does not ensure this kind of skill; it takes a long period of living in the country to amass that kind of expertise.

Literary translation is a constant struggle with language, keeping the tone, meaning and impact of the text in balance. Unlike specialist technical translators, literary translators have to do more than translate the words and sentences as they appear on the page – they have to read between the lines and carry over the nuances while keeping the style authentic and reflecting the language and thoughts of the author.

Our translators and editors at ConText® have extensive experience in literary translation from working for well-known authors and publishers. Naturally, we proofread and polish our translations to ensure that they are ready for print, and take on the typesetting and coordinate production if required.