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Creation with inspiration

Corporate design is a sub-discipline of corporate identity, and refers to the entire visual appearance of your company – communications materials such as logos, business stationery, advertising materials, packaging and the like, and of course product design.

All of the elements in a corporate design have to match; these are referred to as advertising constants, and are designed to make your brand instantly recognisable every time it’s seen. Company colours, logos, fonts and distinctive, relevant visual motifs run through the entire communications effort – usually in similar positioning and arrangement. Consistent corporate design extends to internal communications – after all, your employees also need to identify with your company and carry your company’s image out to the public.

All of the individual visual elements and selected examples are documented in a corporate design manual available to users – employees, partners, printers, or advertising agencies – to ensure their most efficient use.

Need support in visual communication and graphic design? We take an integrated approach across media formats. We adapt printed materials for the web or in multimedia projects – and vice versa – creating synergy while saving you costs.

We believe in the power of synergy, and create a complete and integrated work of art that is so much more than the sum of its parts, a solution on a solid basis. We ensure that it all fits together in harmony – text content, translation, and graphic design – as required for the success of our customers.