Top-quality specialist translations

We at ConText® provide excellent specialist translations with particular expertise in business, law, IT, banking, construction, architecture, engineering, chemical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, marketing, communication, and advertising.

Our quality – your assurance

From order confirmation to delivery, we work with our own in-house project management software based on ISO 9002 and DIN 2345 as well as the standards of the European Union of Associations of Translation Companies, EUATC.

Our professional translators at ConText® transfer all of the content while preserving the sense of the original and keeping the style appropriate to the translation’s target audience, giving you an accurate and authentic translation that reads like an original.

Our translators take care to preserve the nuances in the original using equivalent wording and phrasing in the translation; from commercial literature to research studies, we keep custom glossaries to ensure consistency and correctness in transferring specialised texts into any or all of the world’s major languages, whatever the content type or subject matter. We also supply officially certified translations on request.

Specialist technical translations

Specialist technical translations require an understanding of the technical content along with fundamental knowledge in the appropriate speciality.

Practical experience in the respective field of application often plays a major role in ensuring correct textual interpretation; this has to dovetail with excellent language skills.

Very few individuals actually meet both criteria, so we at ConText® translate in teams; consistent application of the four-eyes principle eliminates individual mistakes as far as possible, significantly contributing to the quality of the final result.

Consistency and leveraging in existing translations

Modern technology also allows us to leverage previously verified sentences while keeping the technical terminology consistent in translation, giving your translations at ConText® a consistent writing style. Our translators integrate your terminology requirements, comments and corrections in specialist databases known as term bases for consistent use in all ongoing projects.

Quality assurance

Our copywriters, editors and translators at ConText® consistently apply the requirements of ISO 9002 and DIN 2345; compliance with the DIN EN 15038 standard ensures high translation quality. This standard includes minimum requirements such as native language skills, education and training, writing ability, technical expertise, and peer review by a second translator at ConText®.