Interpreting for private and corporate events

Interpreting refers to the oral translation of the spoken word between two languages.

Interpreters need excellent oral communication skills in order to communicate just as clearly and efficiently as the speaker they’re interpreting for. They also need to keep up to speed and follow developments in their specific field of activity – interpreters work without “a safety net”, so intuition, mental agility, and responsiveness are essential for them to cope with any situation or speaker they might encounter in a day’s work. Interpreters need a keen sense of cultural differences and the specific deployment situation to transfer the intentions of the speaker accurately.

We at ConText® provide professional interpreters for business meetings, negotiations, presentations or conferences, or for official or private events. Whether negotiation, consecutive, simultaneous or court interpreting – our graduate interpreters at ConText® come with years of experience in interpreting and a high level of language and job-specific expertise.

Naturally, we also provide the necessary technical equipment, from simple overhead projectors to PA equipment to mobile infrared simultaneous interpretation systems.

Ever thought about the benefits of telephone interpreting? Just name a date and time, and we will bring you and your customers from overseas together with our interpreters in a conference call with one or more than one other party; this lets you discuss important matters with your business associates from abroad in the comfort of your own office while saving the costs of travel and accommodation.